Weekend Update!

Happy Thanksgiving! Since I am currently just starting a four-day weekend, I thought I’d do this early.

What I’m reading: The Lines We Cross.  It’s for Cybils, and after I finish this, I’ll start Murder on the Orient Express. That’s for book club and we’re discussing it Wednesday. Pray for me. But The Lines We Cross is so good, and hopefully I’ll manage to finish it at some point over the weekend.

What I’m watching: I just fell in love with Difficult People, which is so funny and so smart. Sooooo of course it’s canceled. But I have three seasons to watch, so things could be worse.




This is probably the most fun week since I got my MoviePass.

Saturday, I saw the new Thor movie, which was an absolute delight. Thor is my second least favorite Avenger (ahead of only Captain America, the oatmeal of superheroes) so I was skeptical even though reviews were really good and Bruce Banner/Hulk is in it, and he’s one of my favorites. But I ended up really loving it. I laughed out loud quite a bit and also I am now in love with Valkyrie.

Sunday, I saw Wonder and I loved it. I cried quite a bit, which is not surprising (I cry at EVERYTHING). I think it may be my favorite movie so far this year.

Thanksgiving week, I hope to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri, Lady Bird and The Darkest Hour.

Weekend Update

What I’m reading: Cybils! And also Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi (for book club, which is tomorrow). I’m really…well, “enjoying” is not the right word. But it’s amazing and I think we’ll have a lot to discuss.

What I’m watching: The Mindy Project just ended and I have complicated feelings about it. But overall, I love the show and I’m glad my beloved Morgan has a happy ending. I also loved the most recent This is Us. I don’t know if Kevin is anyone’s favorite but Justin Hartley deserves an Emmy.

Confessions of a Book Blogger Who Stopped Blogging

I don’t know what’s going on with me these days. I’m still reading a lot, but my motivation to write about what I’m reading is somewhere below zero.

(I can still do book recommendations, though! Feel free to ask and I will probably keep going long after you’ve stopped paying attention.)

Part of it is that the time change has beaten me down. I’ve been waking up between 4:30 and 5 every day, and since I’m someone who needs a lot of sleep to function (and be my usual moderately pleasant self)…let’s just say that it’s been rocky for everyone.

And part of it is that, after basically 10 years of blogging (most of which has been almost exclusively about books), what do I really have to say? How many different ways are there to say that I loved this book or I liked it or it was fine but not for me?

(Is this what a midlife crisis feels like? Am I early for that or am I just basically stuck with a general malaise?)

Hopefully I’ll get my book chatting mojo back soon, because I don’t have much else to talk about. (Have we impeached that guy yet?)

The Museum of Broken Relationships

I finished The Museum of Broken Relationships by Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubisic.  I received a copy for review; it’s out today.

This book is so awesome and I love it! Each page features a picture of an object and a note about how it connects to a failed relationship.  Most, obviously are romantic ones, but there are also ex-friendships and a few parent-child ones. Some are funny and a lot are sad. (You understand; we all have had relationships end.)

Books like this are my favorites; I love to see little glimpses of people’s lives and see just how much we have in common.  None of the stories were mine but I could identify with a lot of them.

This is too big to be a “stocking stuffer,” but if you want a unique present for someone in your life, get them this. And ask them what their contribution would be.

Highly recommended.


This week, I only saw Murder on the Orient Express. It was super good (amazing cast, good writing, surprisingly funny and visually stunning). 
I haven’t read it but it’s this month’s book club pick, so that’s changing soon. :)

Next week is Thor (FINALLY) and Wonder. I am so psyched for Wonder, I can’t even tell you. 

Weekend Update

What I’m reading: Cybils books! Still and always. I have 34 books to read between now and the end of the year (36, if you count my two book club books–one of which is next week, which I haven’t started yet) and so the clock is ticking but I also feel like I’ll definitely make it, which is good.

I’m still not really blogging books (as you’ve hopefully noticed) so honestly, not sure what this blog will become. Thank you for sticking around! :)

What I’m watching: Next Tuesday is the last ever episode of The Mindy Project and I am not emotionally prepared. Also, somehow The Good Place is already on winter hiatus and won’t be back until JANUARY.  I can only hope the creators lost some major points for that. I’m not saying they deserve to go to the Bad Place, but…

MoviePass Update

I’ve been slacking lately, guys. I didn’t see any movies last week and only one this week. 

I saw A Bad Mom’s Christmas, which was fine. It was funny and also sweet (in parts) and, though not as good as the original, is definitely worth a rental. I do feel a little let down but I think it’s because I haven’t seen anything in the theater since Geostorm (it is much better than Geostorm). 
Next week, I hope to atone. I want to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri (for sure) and Midnight on the Orient Express (hopefully). I was going to see Thor but Josh reminded me how crazy it will be (read: full of children and teenagers) so I’m holding off for a few weeks. 

Weekend Update

What I’m watching: I’m caught up with The Good Place (except for most recent episode, which I hope to have seen once this publishes) and I have seen all of Stranger Things (super great, as you probably know).  I think The Mindy Project is almost done, which makes me sad. This weekend, I hope to see Bad Moms 2 and Thor: Ragnarok, but I really am looking forward to Oscar season (so close!).  And Halloween is over, which means no scary movies in the theater until Insidious 4, which I am so excited for.

What I’m reading: CYBILS STUFF.  I have, I think, about 41 books to go (and two for my book clubs; I do hope to read those). I’m hoping to spend this weekend paring down my personal shortlist. We’re supposed to nominate seven as a group and my personal one has 20 books in it. (Maybe even 21.) If I can get it down to 10, I’ll be happy. But it’s hard because this has been a really good year for books.

Potential blog change

There is a really good chance that next year, this blog will be more pop culture-y. I love books (and I’m reading a lot, even though we’re not talking about it) but I’m a little burned out on blogging. 

But I was thinking that it might be fun to actually watch all the shows I’m always saying I want to watch and all the movies I’m always saying I want to see and talk about them for a while. 

Right now, though, it’s all about the Cybils and I’m also obsessed with The Good Place (I’m on season two, about to start episode two) and I also loved the second season of Stranger Things. 

Tomorrow, of course, is for all the horror movies.