What I’ve Been Watching

I spent last week binging Your Honor and it was very fun but also incredibly bleak. (Picture Mare of Easttown but sadder and with worse people.)

My next binge will be Panic, which looks so fun! (It’s free to stream if you have Prime.)

Beyond that, I watched the pilot of the new Gossip Girl. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t particularly like it, either. I’ll watch the second episode and decide from there.

I’ve also been watching some movies. I loved the first two Fear Street offerings and can’t wait until the third one drops on Friday. I ALSO watched and loved Psycho Goreman (vicious alien-type creature is abandoned and imprisoned on Earth; a pre-teen girl finds an amulet that makes him have to listen to and obey her. And she’s got some strong opinions, so she’s not afraid of him in the slightest. It’s weird but it’s also really, really funny.

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