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Weekend Update

What I’m reading: Cybils stuff! (I’m currently reading Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert and it is AMAZING!) Reading may not happen as much this weekend (my mom and her best friend are in town) and next (going to DC to see Bekki and we’re going to have the best fun and watch Stranger Things) but I have plenty of time and only 35-ish unread books for Cybils.  So yay for fun!

What I’m watching: SO MANY HORROR MOVIES. This is my absolute favorite time of year. I’m not sure that there will be a MoviePass update this weekend, because I may get to watch Geostorm or The Snowman on Sunday, but that’s it. We’ll see how it goes.


Weekend Update

What I’m reading: Lots of Cybils books! Basically every review you see for the rest of the year will be a Cybils book probably. 

What I’m watching: EVERYTHING BUT TV. I’m behind on every show except This is Us and The Mindy Project, but I hope to catch up soon. Movie-wise, though, I’m golden. Still taking advantage of MoviePass and also trying to watch a bunch of horror movies (tis the season!). 

The Nowhere Girls

Finished The Nowhere Girls by Amy Reed.  I received a copy for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Three misfits come together to avenge the rape of a fellow classmate and in the process trigger a change in the misogynist culture at their high school transforming the lives of everyone around them in this searing and timely story.

Who are the Nowhere Girls?

They’re everygirl. But they start with just three:

Grace Salter is the new girl in town, whose family was run out of their former community after her southern Baptist preacher mom turned into a radical liberal after falling off a horse and bumping her head.

Rosina Suarez is the queer punk girl in a conservative Mexican immigrant family, who dreams of a life playing music instead of babysitting her gaggle of cousins and waitressing at her uncle’s restaurant.

Erin Delillo is obsessed with two things: marine biology and Star Trek: The Next Generation, but they aren’t enough to distract her from her suspicion that she may in fact be an android.

When Grace learns that Lucy Moynihan, the former occupant of her new home, was run out of town for having accused the popular guys at school of gang rape, she’s incensed that Lucy never had justice. For their own personal reasons, Rosina and Erin feel equally deeply about Lucy’s tragedy, so they form an anonymous group of girls at Prescott High to resist the sexist culture at their school, which includes boycotting sex of any kind with the male students.

Told in alternating perspectives, this groundbreaking novel is an indictment of rape culture and explores with bold honesty the deepest questions about teen girls and sexuality.”

I absolutely loved this book.  It was so smart and I seriously cheered so hard for Erin, Rosina and Grace.  I love the way they all evolve throughout the novel (especially the fact that Erin falls for a guy–and she’s autistic, which I also love, because how unusual is it that we see autistic people in relationships? I think this is the first story where I’ve seen that).

I also love the fact that it’s initially a trio of women but it becomes so many different girls.  Also, it’s not really vigilantism–it’s more of a protest, but it’s not very violent.


Weekend Update

What I’m reading: Cybils books! SO MANY. 

What I’m watching: The Mindy Project is so good again! The last two seasons have been a little uneven but Mindy has become the highlight of my week. I also am really liking Liar (on Sundance). I’ve only seen the first episode, so I need to catch up (the second aired Wednesday). 

Cybils Update

I have something like 18 books to read and nominations are open for something like another two weeks. So far, everything I’ve read has been excellent.

There are ALSO a lot of great books that need to be nominated, though!  (Click here to nominate.)

Need suggestions? (Here are books I hope are nominated because I really want to read them and before the

  1. Lucky in Love by Kasie West
  2. Far From the Tree by Robin Benway
  3. This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnes
  4. The Inexplicable Logic of my Life by Benjamin Alire Saenz
  5. What to Say Next by Julie Buxbaum
  6. Release by Patrick Ness
  7. This is How it Happened by Paula Stokes

Weekend Update

What I’m reading: beta reading a novel for my author friend Liza. Then the new Stephanie Perkins (yaaaaaaas) and THEN I have to finish the book for book club (We Are Never Meeting In Real Life) and then? Then it’s all Cybils all the time. :)

What I’m watching: my shows are back! I am trying out Liar and Ten Days in the Valley (I haven’t watched Liar yet; Ten Days… starts tonight) and I’m also still watching The Mindy Project, Grey’s Anatomy, Designated Survivor and This is Us (and Riverdale, back in a couple weeks). 

I’m also still loving MoviePass (week four update tomorrow!) and I am watching SO MANY MOVIES. It’s the best pop culture thing ever. 


Finished Freefall by Joshua David Bellin.  I received a copy for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

In the Upperworld, the privileged 1% are getting ready to abandon a devastated planet Earth. And Cam can’t wait to leave. After sleeping through a 1,000-year journey, he and his friends will have a pristine new planet to colonize. And no more worries about the Lowerworld and its 99% of rejects.

Then Cam sees a banned video feed of protesters in the Lowerworld who also want a chance at a new life. And he sees a girl with golden eyes who seems to be gazing straight though the feed directly at him. A girl he has to find. Sofie.

When Cam finds Sofie, she opens his eyes to the unfairness of what’s happening in their world, and Cam joins her cause for Lowerworld rights. He also falls hard for Sofie. But Sofie has her own battles to fight, and when it’s time to board the spaceships, Cam is alone.

Waking up 1,000 years in the future, Cam discovers that he and his shipmates are far off-course, trapped on an unknown and hostile planet. Who has sabotaged their ship? And does it have anything to do with Sofie, and the choices—and the enemies—he made in the past?”

I loved this book, guys.  It goes back and forth in time and shows us the relationship between Cam and Sofie and how it developed, and shows us the way things are with this new planet (spoiler: not great).

This book is beyond compelling.  The way that Earth is now is beyond dystopian (and parts of it are darkly funny–for example, there’s a Linked-In Memorial; say it out loud, if you don’t immediately get it) and it also is a little unsettling.

I couldn’t stop reading it and I was taken aback by literally everything that happened.  You need this book in your life.  Recommended.

Weekend Update

What I’m Reading: Everything Must Go by Jenny Fran Davis–so fun! 

What I’m watching: Thanks to MoviePass, a lot of movies! Also The Mindy Project (I love this season so far) but so happy that my shows are back this week. I don’t think there are any new shows I HAVE TO SEE but that’s good. Between MoviePass and the blog, it’ll be hard enough to keep up with three shows (Mindy, This is Us, Grey’s). I don’t need more competition for my time. 

Weekend Update

What I’m reading: still WHAT HAPPENED by Hillary Clinton. I should finish soon (hopefully by tomorrow) and so far, I am loving every page. 

What I’m watching: movies (hoping to see mother! and Rear Window this weekend). Younger is over now and I’m happy The Mindy Project is back. My shows should all be back in a couple weeks. 

MoviePass, week 1

I spent the weekend at the movies! I have finally figured out how MoviePass works and saw two movies this weekend. 

Saturday, I saw Kidnap, which was fun. It’s not the best movie about kidnappings (probably Taken?) or the best Halle Berry thriller (probably The Call) but I was thoroughly entertained and am glad I saw it. 

Sunday, I saw Home Again. I love Nancy Meyers movies and while yes, her daughter wrote and directed it and she only produced, it still felt like one of her movies. It felt like a movie for grownups and I always love those. 

I’m not sure what I’ll see next week (I do want to see IT again) but I’m excited to keep this trend going.