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Weekend Update

What I’m reading: I’m about to start Fanny and Dice by Rebecca McFarland Kyle and after that is He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly. I loved her last book, The Burning Air; I’m excited to read this one. 

What I’m watching: I just finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I loved. I’m not sure what show is next (House of Cards?). Movie-wise, I have a LOT to choose from, so this space will probably be more interesting next Sunday. 

What I’m looking forward to: There is a new John Green book out in October and YES TO THAT. 


I’m taking a little break from blogging. 

My reading has taken a hit lately, between the new job and my Sam getting terminally sick. I need to adjust to my new, Sam-less life and I need to do it without the pressure of daily posts. 

I’ll be reading my own books and may or may not discuss them on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. And I don’t know when, but I will be back. 

The Worst Post

My sweet boy Sammy is gone. 

Last year, as you know, he got really sick while I was at ALA; he almost died then. But he rallied and he fought, and he stayed alive for almost another entire year. 

Late last week, he stopped eating. Like his mom, Sam is very food-motivated, so once he stopped eating, I knew it was serious. Yesterday morning, he started getting really sick. I will spare you the details, but we went to the vet (me and my Sam and Sam’s favorite thing ever, his lying pillow). And now I am in my super empty, super quiet apartment. 

I know I did the best thing for him and that Sam can now see and run and eat all the food and chase all the animals and bark at ALL THE LOUD PEOPLE, all of which he loved to do. I got almost a whole extra year with him, and most of that time was spent together at least 98% of the day. 

My heart is broken but I am so grateful for those months together. And I am grateful that we were together at the end. He knew I was right there, and for a dog with separation anxiety*, I think that made it a little better. 

* = We were just happier together. 

Things I Should Be Doing

1) Reading (so behind). 

2) Finishing up the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. #lemonading #runLillian

3) CALLING MY ELECTED OFFICIALS. My activism has taken a serious hit, guys. 

4) Cooking. Remember when I was doing that?

What I am actually doing:

1) Working. 

2) Sleeping. 

3) Spending time with Sam. 

(End of list.)

It Started With Goodbye

Finished It Started With Goodbye by Christina June. I received a copy for review.

Tatum is under house arrest after she was deemed the getaway driver in a shoplifting incident (her best friend’s boyfriend stole iPhones and gift cards; she had no idea). She and her stepmom have a…we’ll go with complicated relationship at best, and this is certainly not an ideal set of circumstances. 

This is essentially a modern retelling of Cinderella and it is fantastic. I liked Tatum a lot and watching her grow over the summer made me really happy. Yes, there are nods to the story but it is also its own story.

I flew through the book and loved every second. I knew it would end well (hello, it’s a fairy tale!) but it was even better than I’d hoped. 


Post-Journalism Life

Until last week, I had only worked in TV news. Things like “being off on holidays” and “not working nights and weekends” were completely foreign. 

I like my new job a lot, but I feel like the hardest transition is the hours. And the fact that people are like, “Uh, OF COURSE we have Memorial Day off.” (My days off varied but I’m not sure I ever had Memorial Day off before. It’s not something I ever felt badly about, though, and there are plenty of worse things than working a holiday—the bosses are off and there’s such a nice camaraderie. And on Memorial Day, you know you’ll do a parade story and a soldier/cemetery story and a travel story. And you know someone will say “It’s not just barbecues and a day off work” somewhere in at least one of the stories. 
I really should set up TV Newscast Bingo. 
But now it’s different. I work 8:30-4:30. I get a lunch break. (Although I still eat at my desk and work at the same time…but I’m hoping to soon go to the break room and eat and maybe read while I do.) If I have to work extra hours, I will get paid extra money. I am off on nights and weekends and holidays. (And sometimes on the days before holidays, they send you home early. WHAT EVEN IS THIS.)
I like it, but it’s weird. And I don’t entirely trust it. Like, “You…want me to leave and get food. And sit down and eat food. And not work” or “You are letting me leave two hours early and come back Tuesday. This is not a problem?”
But I’m going with it. 

Books I Need RIGHT NOW

There are so many books I’m excited for and I need them seriously right now. 
The new Lisa Schroeder is out today. Next week is the new Sarah Dessen. 
Julie Buxbaum and Michael Connelly have books out in July. 
Stephen King’s newest is out in September. So is Stephanie Perkins’ horror YA. 
I need more books and more time. 
What are you excited for?

Blog update

So first, some good news: on Monday, I started a new job! I’m a sales coordinator for an international company that, among other things, sells textbooks and that’s what I’ll be doing. 
And I don’t know what that means for this blog, but there’s a good chance that I won’t be able to post reviews every day. Unlike my last job, I won’t be able to read at work. (This is a reasonable request of bosses: work at work.) And there’s a lot of learning I need to do. 
So I’m super excited but my reading is about to take a hit, I think. (Worth it.)

Field Trip!

This morning, I went back to my elementary school and talked to one of my favorite teachers’ classes. Another favorite set it up and getting to see Mrs. Ennis and Mrs. Pappas made this the best day ever (even before getting to talk about books and blogging and BEA for an hour)!
 I know that we hear all these stories about how no one reads anymore, but it was a class full of actively literate people. As you know, I love talking about books and the authors I love. And I could tell they felt the same way–they told me their favorite books and authors, and showed me what they were reading now and they were all SO EXCITED about all of it. 
And guys, I am SO BEHIND on my reading. I have to read Rick Riordan and the Charlie Bone series and like 50,000 others that I’ve scrawled on a piece of paper. I don’t know when I’ll get to it (I’m going to stay on top of review books in 2017, I swear!) but I’ll get to everything eventually. (Shut up, YES I WILL.)
Book people are the best people and I’m really happy to report that the next generation of book people are doing just fine.