What if You and Me

My most recent audiobook was What if You and Me by Roni Loren. (I received a copy for review.)

I absolutely loved this book. Part of it is because it was absolutely perfect for me (Andi is a horror novelist and true crime podcaster who also spends a lot of time watching scary movies. We would be BEST FRIENDS) and part of it is because it’s just a really fun story. It’s a romance and it’s really funny but it’s also incredibly deep.

Andi has emotional trauma from a past relationship and it’s stayed with her for years. She’s mostly fine now but the reason for that is because she keeps herself incredibly safe and very far away from anyone who could hurt her (so basically every guy ever).

I like fun books but I also love books like this, books where the fun is balanced by weighty topics and feelings. This one was just a delight (that had me crying a little).

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