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Forks, Knives and Spoons

Finished Forks, Knives and Spoons by Leah DeCesare. I received a copy for review.

Amy is headed off to college when her dad reveals that there are three types of men in the world: forks, knives and spoons. (Knives are the best.) This offhand discussion becomes Amy’s way of life and she classifies every guy with this system. The novel follows Amy and her friends through college and beyond.

I loved this book and this is the perfect time for it. (There’s even a Santa subplot.) It’s clever, but there’s also a lot of heart to it. (Best of all, there are a bunch of When Harry Met Sally… references, something I think makes everything better.)

I’m younger than the women in this novel (their college life starts in the late 1980s) but the references brought back my childhood (ESPRIT! I had forgotten you!) and made me absolutely adore this story.

If you want to escape for a few hours with a smile on your face, this is for you. Recommended.


MoviePass (STAR WARS)

Last night, I saw the new Star Wars movie. (No spoilers.)

I very much enjoyed it…but I didn’t love it. I thought it didn’t always feel like a Star Wars movie. It seemed a little too full of one liners (and yes, Star Wars does have them, but this was a little more Guardians of the Galaxy and a little less Star Wars). The Force Awakens absolutely blew me away and this one didn’t have anywhere near that kind of impact.

Also, as is always the case with their movies, I wanted a lot more Carrie Fisher and Laura Dern.

Weekend Update

What I’m reading: I AM DONE WITH CYBILS. So now I’m reading everything I couldn’t read before. It is GLORIOUS, you guys. Glorious! So look for reviews again soon.


What I’m watching: I’m almost done with the second season of Difficult People and I am so obsessed with that show, I can’t even tell you. It’s so funny and I love everything about it. I am trying to pace myself because I only have 11 episodes and then it’s done. And yet, all I want to do it is watch it.


It was a busy week (for me, anyway). I ended up not seeing anything last weekend, but I made up for it this time!

I saw The Godfather on Wednesday. I’ve seen it before but this was my first time seeing it on the big screen. I’m not sure I have an absolute favorite film, but this one is a definite contender.

Saturday, I saw Coco. Animated movies aren’t my thing but it’s gotten good reviews and Pixar is usually good. This is probably my favorite non-Toy Story kid movie. The animation is incredible and the story is fantastic. I cried, but of course I did.

Yesterday, I saw The Disaster Artist. I was on the fence about it (I haven’t seen The Room) but reviews are excellent (it’s 94% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and I ended up loving it. So I think I’m instituting a policy where I’m automatically seeing every movie that’s over 90% fresh. (With a few exceptions.)

I recommend all of those movies. :)

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is one of the AFI’s 10 best shows of 2014.

It’s about a bunch of tech guys working in Silicon Valley, trying to come up with great ideas.

Episode watched: pilot

Seen before? No

Would I keep watching? Probably not. So far, I’ve had mostly good luck finding shows on these lists. But this is one of the few misses (this and Curb Your Enthusiasm, if you were curious). I think I just have a weird sense of humor.

Weekend Update

I’m on vacation still, so posting this early.

I’m down to 10 Cybils books (!!!!!), so by the end of next weekend, I hope to be reading my own books again. I’m also planning to start blogging books then, too.

TV-wise, I’m obsessed with Difficult People. I’m halfway through season two, so I only have a season and a half to go before I’m done. (So sad this show got canceled! It’s so funny.)

My vacation has been really nice. I ended up going home last minute because my mom was named Woman of the Year for her church. I got to surprise her, which is both fun and hard to do. I also saw The Godfather (the Senator had a showing Wednesday night) but now it’s almost time to get back to work. :)

Weekend Update

I’m actually technically on vacation now–I’m only working a half-day next week, and the rest of the time is going to be spent reading Cybils books. I ONLY HAVE 17 LEFT, Y’ALL.  SEVENTEEN. And then I can read what I want again! (And of course—OF COURSE—there is a stack waiting for me.)

I had hopes of seeing a bunch of movies, too, but as it happens there isn’t much good playing. I’m planning to see Coco and Justice League this weekend but we’ll see how it goes. I do have a lot of movies at home I’ve been wanting to see, so here’s hoping I can get to some of those.

I’m thinking I’ll start blogging books again soon. And maybe I’ll watch more TV and talk about that, too!

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas. I cannot deal with that. Suffice it to say that I am not prepared.