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A Night In With Grace Kelly (mini-review)

Finished A Night in with Grace Kelly by Lucy Holliday. I received a copy for review. 

This is the third and probably final book in the Libby Lomax series. I’m really going to miss Libby (and the sofa, with its tendency to produce Hollywood stars) but have loved all three books. 

If you are a fan of romantic comedies or old Hollywood, check them out. 

A Night in with Marilyn Monroe

Finished A Night in with Marilyn Monroe by Lucy Holliday. I received a copy for review. 

Libby still has her magical sofa, the one that brought Audrey Hepburn into her apartment. This time, it brings Marilyn Monroe to her. Also back: her best friend Ollie, her occasional boyfriend Dillon, Bogdan (we can’t even describe him) and her completely insane family. 

I love this trilogy and can’t wait to get to the third book (my next read). Libby is basically Bridget Jones for the modern era, and this book only cements that. 

It’s definitely setting up Libby and Ollie to be endgame but seeing them get there is a great time. 



Finished Frostblood by Elly Blake. I received a copy for review. 

There are three types of people: firebloods, frostbloods and everyone else. Firebloods hate frostbloods and vice versa. Depending on where they live, the regular people hate one of the two groups, too. (Generally speaking, though, most people hate the firebloods.)

Ruby is a fireblood, though, and rebels have rescued her from a frostblood-ruled prison. They want her to kill the king. Since he’s responsible for basically everything that’s gone wrong in her life, she’s on board for that. 

This is a really fun read. I loved Ruby and cheered her on the whole time. Even better, this is the first book in a series, so I’m very excited to see what comes next. 

Interviewing Kendare Blake

Kendare Blake was kind enough to stop by and discuss One Dark Throne (out next year)!
1) What is the Twitter pitch? ONE DARK THRONE: The Quickening is over, and after betrayals, misunderstandings, and revelations, the queens are out for blood.
2) What gift would you like to have? After much thought, I would like to be a naturalist, because I’m pretty casual, manners-wise, and I’m big on animals, and sometimes I get so PISSED waiting for my avocados to be ripe enough to use.

3) Would you be the last queen standing? Maybe. I certainly wouldn’t back off just because my opponent was my sister. Her or me, she’s going down! Unless she was like, going to be such a great queen. Then I might be noble about it. 
And the questions I ask everyone:
4) What 2017 releases are you excited for? This is a total cheat because it doesn’t come out until 2018, but she’s my pal and I will probably get to read it early in 2017, so I’m excited for THE BONELESS MERCIES by April Genevieve Tucholke. Gender-flipped Beowulf. Beo-she-wulf, we called it for awhile. Norse girl mercenaries. Badass.
5) What are you reading now? I’m reading HEARTLESS by the wonderful and amazing Marissa Meyer. Also, Madam Bovary, by the wonderful and amazing(?) Gustave Flaubert
6) If you could make one book mandatory, what would it be? Just one? JUST ONE? Reading for pleasure should just be mandatory. It just should. But I guess…no. I can’t pick one
7) What are your five favorite books? You can pick authors, if that’s easier. I have too many favorites, but here are a few I haven’t mentioned in awhile: WE DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE by Andre Dubus, NOT A DROP TO DRINK by Mindy McGinnis, IT by Stephen King, VAMPIRES IN THE LEMON GROVE by Karen Russell, and MIDWINTERBLOOD by Marcus Sedgwick.

One Dark Throne

One Dark Throne is the sequel to Three Dark Crowns (by Kendare Blake) and will be out next year. 
Why I’m excited: if you read Three Dark Crowns, you’re excited, too. It was one of my favorite books of this year, and replaced Anna Dressed in Blood as my favorite of hers. The book is actual perfection and I cannot wait to see the resolution of this duology. Soon, please, God!


Finished Scythe by Neal Shusterman. 

This is set in the future, when death and disease have been conquered. Unfortunately, population control is still an issue so there are people called Scythes who “glean” people and kill them. Some are compassionate and some are bloodthirsty. Citra and Rowan are Scythe apprentices (though they don’t want to be) and their success means immunity for their families. 

This book is amazing (no surprise; Neal Shusterman is always excellent). It’s the start of a series and I can’t even imagine what’s ahead. 

There’s a lot of cleverness in here. Scythes take on new names based on historic figures of the past, and you can learn a lot based on that (there is, for example, a Scythe Mandela and a Scythe Curie; there is also Scythe Rand). 

I absolutely loved this novel and can’t wait to see where the story goes. 

Highly recommended. 

The Midnight Star (mini-review)

Finished The Midnight Star by Marie Lu. 

Adelina is queen now and she is not a very good one. She’s skilled at battle but she’s not kind. She’s pretty much all villain now, too; she’s paranoid and away from almost all good influences in her life. (Magiano is still around but she doesn’t trust him at all.)

This book absolutely broke my heart but it’s a worthy ending to a great series. (And they can’t all survive, right? This isn’t Twilight.)

Highly recommended. 

The Rose Society (mini-review)

Finished The Rose Society by Marie Lu. It is the second book in her Young Elites series. 

This book is absolutely heartbreaking. The series details Adelina’s turn to villainy. And it’s also horrible because in this book, she does some pretty awful things but I still love her. 

The next book is The Midnight Star and I’m about to start it. I don’t know if I’ll still love Adelina. We’ll see. 

This is such a fascinating series and Marie Lu is an amazing author. 


Love and Other Unknown Variables (mini-review)

Finished Love and Other Unknown Variables by Shannon Lee Alexander. 

Charlie is a science genius. It’s his thing and he’s planning to go to MIT. And then he meets Charlotte, his sister’s new best friend…

Oh, guys, this book. Everything about it is absolutely perfect. I can’t even discuss it rationally. And I can’t talk about it because (a) spoilers and (b) my heart. 

I am a fan for life of Shannon Lee Alexander. Anything she writes is now a must-buy. 

Highly recommended. 

The Merciless II

Finished The Merciless II by Danielle Vega. 

This is only slightly less intense than its predecessor. Sofia is now at a Catholic boarding school (her mom dies early on in the book) but she’s still haunted by the events in the first book. And bad things happen around her…

OK, as I’ve come to expect from Danielle Vega, this book is incredibly messed up. It’s creepy and graphic and beyond unsettling. (And really fun, if you like being scared.)

There’s going to be a third one next year. I can’t wait.