Latest binge

I did end up starting Dirty John and it’s so hard to believe that that’s a real story! John Meehan was so scary and also just a real creep.

I finished the first season and am about to start the second. It’s an anthology series (like American Crime Story) and the second is about Betty Broderick. I don’t know that very well, but I’ve at least heard the names.

I’ve also started watching Lisey’s Story, and I’m enjoying it. I read the book when it first came out but I haven’t re-read it so it’s a lot of surprises.

I’m almost half done with the audio of Rosemary’s Baby and it’s really good. I love the movie and I know I’ve read it at least once and maybe twice, but not in a long time. The book is similar but there are some major differences so it’s a new experience. I would recommend it. I love the stunt casting of Mia Farrow reading it, but it would be fun either way.

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