Silver Sparrow

Finished Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones.

Summary (from Goodreads):

“With the opening line of Silver Sparrow, “My father, James Witherspoon is a bigamist,” Tayari Jones unveils a breathtaking story about a man’s deception, a family’s complicity, and the teenage girls caught in the middle.

Set in a middle-class neighborhood in Atlanta in the 1980s, the novel revolves around James Witherspoon’s families– the public one and the secret one. When the daughters from each family meet and form a friendship, only one of them knows they are sisters. It is a relationship destined to explode when secrets are revealed and illusions shattered. As Jones explores the backstories of her rich and flawed characters, she also reveals the joy, and the destruction, they brought to each other’s lives.

At the heart of it all are the two girls whose lives are at stake, and like the best writers, Jones portrays the fragility of her characters with raw authenticity as they seek love, demand attention, and try to imagine themselves as women.”

I absolutely loved An American Marriage so it makes no sense why I waited so long to read this.
This is a book club pick for the podcast and I can’t wait to discuss it because there is a LOT going on. So this review will be a little bit disjointed because I don’t want to ruin the book and I don’t want to spoil the discussion.

I love the way that the story is told from both daughters’ perspectives because I think that it’s more honest than it would be if we had heard from their mothers. I don’t think we would have been lied to, necessarily, but I think that you can choose to see things in a certain light and kids don’t do that as much.

It’s almost an impossible situation because there’s no way to avoid at least one family fracturing forever, and there’s every chance that it will actually be both families. The two families can only co-exist for so long, especially since one of them is completely unaware.

Highly recommended.

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