Now That I’ve Found You

Finished Now That I’ve Found You by Kristina Forest.

Summary (from Goodreads):

Now That I’ve Found You is a YA novel about searching for answers, love, and your eccentric grandma in all the wrong places.

Following in the footsteps of her überfamous grandma, eighteen-year-old Evie Jones is poised to be Hollywood’s next big star. That is until a close friend’s betrayal leads to her being blacklisted . . .

Fortunately, Evie knows just the thing to save her floundering career: a public appearance with America’s most beloved actress—her grandma Gigi, aka the Evelyn Conaway. The only problem? Gigi is a recluse who’s been out of the limelight for almost twenty years. Days before Evie plans to present her grandma with an honorary award in front of Hollywood’s elite, Gigi does the unthinkable: she disappears.

With time running out and her comeback on the line, Evie reluctantly enlists the help of the last person to see Gigi before she vanished: Milo Williams, a cute musician Evie isn’t sure she can trust. As Evie and Milo conduct a wild manhunt across New York City, romance and adventure abound while Evie makes some surprising discoveries about her grandma—and herself.”

This book is exactly what I needed. It’s a super fun love story wrapped up in a story about Hollywood (current and classic). (You should know, though, that the movie star parts are definitely a subplot.)

I was sucked into the story well before the first sentence. The cover and the synopsis and everything about it made me know that I would love it, and I was not wrong.

And I LOVE Evie so much. She’s driven and smart and I love both of those characteristics in people. Yes, she made a silly mistake, but I also feel like the fallout was completely ridiculous. She was joking about her director (who has a British accent) but she didn’t use any slurs and she didn’t say anything negative about his personality. (I guess super rich people don’t have anything approaching a sense of humor?) So the aspect of this that shows how best to overcome those mistakes is actually my favorite part of the story.

My second favorite part? Literally everything else.

Highly recommended.

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