2020 Reading Challenge

I generally try not to do these because it feels like a great way to set myself up for failure. But I love and trust Anne Bogel and so I am so very cautiously in. Learn more and sign up here!

The categories:

A book published the decade you were born

A debut novel

A book recommended by a source you trust

A book by a local author

A book outside your (genre) comfort zone

A book in translation

A book nominated for an award in 2020

A re-read

A classic you didn’t read in school

Three books by the same author


I haven’t picked everything yet (obviously I don’t know of any 2020 awards yet!) but here’s what I have so far and feel free to recommend.

A book outside my (genre) comfort zone will be White Fragility, which is both nonfiction (not my comfort zone) and I am actually scared to read it so it’s outside my literal comfort zone, too. I’ve been saying I was going to read it for a long time, so it’s time to do it.

My re-read will be The Shining (and probably some other Stephen King novels, too!).

My choice for a classic I didn’t read in school will be The Catcher in the Rye. I’ve never read it and I’ve always felt low-key ashamed of that.

And my three books by the same author will be Dear Martin, Odd One Out and Jackpot by Nic Stone. She has two more books out next year and I plan to read those, too.

That’s six of the twelve books! So if you can help with the others, please do.


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