Adventures in Streaming (week two)

I’ve done a really good job actually doing this.

I didn’t continue with Mindhunter (yet—I want to keep watching, but I wanted to watch lighter things; thanks, mood!). Netflix was ignored this week.

HULU: I watched the rest of Los Espookys and really enjoyed it. The other five episodes were really funny and I will rewatch. I also watched the new Four Weddings and a Funeral, which I enjoyed. There were some great nods to other rom-coms and to the original movie, and Mindy Kaling is my favorite.

PRIME: I finished NOS4A2 (really fun!) and True Horror (I probably won’t keep watching; it was entertaining but kind of cheesy). I also started my first CBS All Access show and, surprisingly, it was No Activity. I laughed so hard at the pilot and will definitely keep going. I had expected to start with The Good Fight, but I wanted something funny. The cast is also great. I would recommend No Activity.

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