The Unfortunates

Finished The Unfortunates by Kim Liggett. I received a copy for review at ALA.

Summary (from Goodreads):

“When seventeen-year-old senator’s son Grant Tavish is involved in a fatal accident, all he wants to do is face the consequences of what he’s done, but the consequences never come, even if headlines of “affluenza” do. The truth soon becomes clear: Due to his father’s connections, not only will Grant not be held accountable for his actions, he’s going to get away with murder.

When a long Tavish tradition approaches, a cave excursion on the Appalachian trail, Grant seizes the opportunity to take justice into his own hands by staging an accident and never coming back. But before he has a chance to enact his plans, the cave system collapses, trapping him miles beneath the surface with four other teens from much less fortunate circumstances. As they struggle to survive, they share their innermost secrets and fears, and just when it seems they might be on track to finding a way out, they realize there’s something else down there.

And it’s hunting them.”

I am not a fan of nature and I’m very claustrophobic. I’m also not huge on heights and being in the dark in unfamiliar places. I mention that to say that The Unfortunates is basically every nightmare I have in one 220 page piece of absolute Kelly-hell.

Obviously I loved it.

(When I wasn’t completely freaking out and being terrified for Grant and the four teens he’s stuck in the cave with. Because guys, I didn’t know what was happening but I knew that I wanted no part of it and that I wanted all of them to survive.)

If every horror novel could be as intense as this one, I’d be a really happy Kelly. Highly recommended.


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