Emma in the Night

Finished Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker.  I received a copy for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

From the bestselling author of All Is Not Forgotten comes a thriller about two missing sisters, a twisted family, and what happens when one girl comes back…

One night three years ago, the Tanner sisters disappeared: fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma. Three years later, Cass returns, without her sister Emma. Her story is one of kidnapping and betrayal, of a mysterious island where the two were held. But to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter, something doesn’t add up. Looking deep within this dysfunctional family Dr. Winter uncovers a life where boundaries were violated and a narcissistic parent held sway. And where one sister’s return might just be the beginning of the crime.”

Oh, you guys, this book.  It’s obviously full of twists and turns, and (as with all thriller novels) a question of whether the narrator is reliable.  (Or in this case, if either narrator is reliable.)

This novel is so clever and it’s hard not to be immediately sucked in.  I also immediately shared Cass’s frantic insistence that her sister needed to be found and saved…except, unfortunately, she can’t say exactly where her sister is.  (They were kept on an island away from other people, and she could describe the island and give a vague location but wasn’t able to say “We were on this exact island and here’s how you find it.”)

One interesting thing is that this was suspenseful despite feeling that no one in the novel was in immediate danger (except for Emma, obviously, but every character the reader interacted with was safe).

If you’re in the mood for suspense, pick this up now.  You won’t regret it.



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