One For Sorrow

Finished One For Sorrow by Mary Downing Hahn. I received a copy for review. 

Annie is the new girl at school, and it’s awful. Elsie is the only girl who will talk to her, and she’s the class freak. Not surprisingly, Annie is now the other class freak. (And it’s deserved, honestly; Elsie is awful.) When Elsie gets sick, Annie has a chance to make the popular girls like her…and it works! Except Elsie then gets the Spanish flu and dies…although (like Helen in the scariest kids book ever, Wait til Helen Comes), it doesn’t seem to matter. She’s still very much around. 

This is an excellent, creepy and fun story. It’s not as scary as her earlier novel Wait til Helen Comes, but that’s OK. It’s still very well-written and genuinely unsettling. 

Elsie can affect things. She can touch people (who can’t touch her back) and she can also damage things. Scariest of all, she can also almost possess Annie and make her say and do things. And, of course, Annie is blamed for everything. (Pro tip: if you blame things on your dead classmate, no one will believe you.)

I love that Mary Downing Hahn is still writing intensely creepy novels. This one is sure to bring a bit of Halloween to your end-of-summer fun. 


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