The Stars in our Eyes

Finished The Stars in our Eyes by Julie Klam.  I received a copy for review.

Summary (from Goodreads):

From bestselling author Julie Klam comes a lively and engaging exploration of celebrity: why celebrities fascinate us, what it means to be famous today, and why celebrities are so important.

“When I was young I was convinced celebrities could save me,” Julie Klam admits in The Stars in Our Eyes, her funny and personal exploration of fame and celebrity. As she did for subjects as wide-ranging as dogs, mothers, and friendship, Klam brings her infectious curiosity and crackling wit to the topic of celebrity. As she admits, “I’ve always been enamored with celebrities,” be they movie stars, baseball players, TV actors, and now Internet sensations. “They are the us we want to be.” Celebrities today have a global presence and can be, Klam writes, “some girl on Instagram who does nude yoga and has 3.5 million followers, a thirteen-year-old ‘viner, ‘ and a Korean rapper who posts his videos that are viewed millions of times.”

In The Stars in Our Eyes, Klam examines this phenomenon. She delves deep into what makes someone a celebrity, explains why we care about celebrities more than ever, and uncovers the bargains they make with the public and the burdens they bear to sustain this status. The result is an engaging, astute, and eye-opening look into celebrity that reveals the truths about fame as it elucidates why it’s such an important part of life today.”

I have been into pop culture my entire life.  There’s a picture of a toddler-aged me sitting on the couch, reading a People magazine. I’ve subscribed to Entertainment Weekly almost since its inception. I loved getting Premiere every month. (Moment of silence for Premiere.) So yes, I am a huge fan of pop culture.  With that, of course, comes a fondness for celebrities in general and a bunch in particular. (I have very strong feelings about almost all of them, and asked Julie Klam in a Tweet not to ruin Connie Britton for me.)

If you are also into celebrities and pop culture, this is a book for you.  She talks to celebrities I love (JULIE WARNER OMG; I love Tommy Boy, as do many people my age, but she was also in Indian Summer, this amazing independent movie most people have not seen—which, frankly, is a travesty) and respect (basically everyone else; I want to be friends with Timothy Hutton!) and shares fun celebrity encounters that her friends have had. (NOTE: Many of Julie Klam’s friends are authors and so, to me, are celebrities in their own right. There was much freaking out as I read the book.)

This book is a complete delight. There is something in here for all the pop culture fans (reality TV, if that’s your thing; the feelings of watching celebs fall; celeb breakups—I was actually heartbroken when Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins broke up—basically everything).  All I want in the world is to hang out with Julie Klam, eat ice cream and talk about celebrities.  And if there’s anything wrong with Connie Britton, I don’t want to know. She’s an actual treasure. So is this book.

Highly recommended.



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