The Identicals

Finished The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand. I received a copy for review. 

When Billy and Eleanor divorce, they each take one of their twin daughters. It sounds like The Parent Trap, right? Except Harper and Tabitha know about each other. They used to be close but after the divorce, it all changes. Now they’re adults and each is falling apart. Billy has died and Harper and Tabitha will have to spend time together. And THEN they decide to do a brief life swap. (They won’t pretend to be each other, obviously.)

I am a new fan of Elin’s (this is the second book of hers I’ve read) and this book is enough to make anyone fall in love with her. 

Even though it’s about seriously identical twins, it’s easy to tell Harper and Tabitha alike. It’s also easy to identify with one (I like to think I’m Harper; I’m totally Tabitha). And even though this book has just as much substance as style, it’s also a completely fun book. 

I had a great time reading this. You will, too. Recommended. 


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