The Light We Lost

Finished The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo. 

Gabe and Lucy meet for the first time in college, on September 11. They go in and out of each other’s lives–always connected, generally in love–and, even when they’re with other people, there is always something between them. 

I loved this book but I didn’t always like it. There are a lot of questions here, things each reader must decide for herself, and the least spoiler-y of them is this: does love excuse behavior? If you love someone and it is real, capitalized and bolded and italicized Love, does it excuse affairs? 

Either way, it is hard not to realize that Gabe and Lucy love each other, even though it is just as hard for them to be together. Their dreams are not compatible and that’s not really able to find a compromise. 

This book is phenomenal and you should absolutely read it. Recommended. 


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