Maybe in Another Life

Finished Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I received a copy for review. 

Hannah has just moved back to LA and her best friend throws her a party. Her ex is there and they hit it off. Then Hannah has a choice to make: stay at the party with Ethan or leave with Gabby. The novel shows us her life with both outcomes. (Like the movie Sliding Doors!)

So Taylor Jenkins Reid is now four for four with me. I haven’t read her most recent book yet and I want to (it sounds AMAZING) and I don’t want to (then I will have read everything and she won’t have another book out until NEXT SUMMER). 

I always wonder what different versions of my life would look like. What if I had stayed in TV news or not left my hometown or not broken up with my college girlfriend? What if I had taken this other job instead? Would I be happier or more together or would my life be harder or worse? Are some things just meant to be?

Regardless, this book is a complete delight. Highly recommended. 


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