Torn Away

Finished Torn Away by Jennifer Brown. I received a copy for review. 

When a tornado hits her small town, Jersey loses everything. Her house is destroyed, all her stuff is gone, her mom and sister are dead and her stepfather sends her to live with her grandparents (whom she has literally never met). 

This was written after the tornado that destroyed the town of Joplin. I’ve seen the pictures and heard interviews from the residents who survived, but I live in a place that doesn’t get tornadoes and so it was hard to really imagine it. On that level, this book is terrifying. 

It’s also realistic. Grieving doesn’t always make us better people, those who let go of small things and realize how precious life is. Jersey is devastated but she is also furious at basically everyone. She lashes out and honestly, I understand most of it. #TeamJersey

Jennifer Brown writes these amazing novels, ones where the reader becomes fully immersed in the characters’ lives. Jersey’s life isn’t a great place to be but I love her anyway. 



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