The Names They Gave Us

Finished The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord. I received a copy for review. 

Lucy’s life is perfect: she loves her parents, her faith is rock solid and her boyfriend is amazing. Except when her mom’s cancer comes back, it all falls apart. Lukas wants to put things “on pause,” and she’s angry at God. And when she gets a summer job at a camp for troubled kids, she even loses her parents (physically; their relationship is still good). 

This book is Emery Lord’s best yet and that’s saying something. Lucy is the most realistic girl I’ve met in ages. I completely understood her anger and the way she struggled to still believe in God. 

The camp is one of my favorite settings ever. I love the other counselors and the campers. I would like a book about any of them, please. 

I especially love the relationship between Lucy and her parents, who are just really excellent people. Having involved parents is starting to become more common in YA novels, and that makes me happy. And Lucy’s parents are amazing. 

I adored every page of this novel. Highly recommended. 


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