Post-Journalism Life

Until last week, I had only worked in TV news. Things like “being off on holidays” and “not working nights and weekends” were completely foreign. 

I like my new job a lot, but I feel like the hardest transition is the hours. And the fact that people are like, “Uh, OF COURSE we have Memorial Day off.” (My days off varied but I’m not sure I ever had Memorial Day off before. It’s not something I ever felt badly about, though, and there are plenty of worse things than working a holiday—the bosses are off and there’s such a nice camaraderie. And on Memorial Day, you know you’ll do a parade story and a soldier/cemetery story and a travel story. And you know someone will say “It’s not just barbecues and a day off work” somewhere in at least one of the stories. 
I really should set up TV Newscast Bingo. 
But now it’s different. I work 8:30-4:30. I get a lunch break. (Although I still eat at my desk and work at the same time…but I’m hoping to soon go to the break room and eat and maybe read while I do.) If I have to work extra hours, I will get paid extra money. I am off on nights and weekends and holidays. (And sometimes on the days before holidays, they send you home early. WHAT EVEN IS THIS.)
I like it, but it’s weird. And I don’t entirely trust it. Like, “You…want me to leave and get food. And sit down and eat food. And not work” or “You are letting me leave two hours early and come back Tuesday. This is not a problem?”
But I’m going with it. 


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