Finished Arrowood by Laura McHugh. 

When she was eight, Arden’s two-year-old twin sisters vanished. She saw the car that took them and remembers seeing a flash of the girls’ hair as it drove away. They were never found and the kidnapper maintained his innocence. Now, decades later, she’s living in her ancestral home again (she has nowhere else to go; her father recently died and she and her mom aren’t close). And she’s not there long before someone writing a book about her sisters’ disappearance tells her that chances are, her memory of what happened is wrong. 

I really enjoyed this novel. It reminded me of a gothic version of Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places. It is dark and twisty and even though Arden is messed up (understandably!), I couldn’t help but root for her. 

This is also a book where the reader doesn’t know who to trust–even Arden is not necessarily a reliable narrator. As a result, expect to have to pay attention and do some heavy lifting to decide what you think happened to the twins. (We don’t get a 100% guaranteed answer, either, so do not read if you don’t like ambiguity.)

At any rate, I very much enjoyed this. I want to read her first novel now!

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