Gwendy’s Button Box

Finished Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar. 

Gwendy met a stranger with a black hat the summer before middle school. He gives her a button box–a magic thing with buttons corresponding to six of the seven continents, plus a red one and a black one. There are also two levers (one dispenses chocolate; the other, valuable silver dollars). We aren’t told explicitly what the buttons do but the implication is that it’s not good. 

THIS BOOK GUYS. First, it’s a Castle Rock story (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas) and second, it’s connected to the Dark Tower. 

The box and the man who gave it to Gwendy are two of the creepiest things ever. The story is unsettling, which is a really neat trick given the fact that for most of the 175 or so pages, nothing really happens. We just see the effect the box has on Gwendy’s life (a good one, to be fair, until it isn’t). 

This has a co-author but it feels like the most Stephen King story in ages. Highly recommended. 


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