Ramona Blue

Finished Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy. I received a copy for review. 

Ramona has been out for basically ever, and she is proud of who she is. Except then she meets (or, technically, re-meets) Freddie. They instantly become best friends…and then more. 

This book is incredibly controversial, and for good reason: lesbian meets “the right” boy and falls in love. (Mike Pence would approve, right?) I would have avoided this book at all costs, except for the fact that it was written by Julie Murphy. Read Dumplin’ and tell me that she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. 

As someone who is ALSO an out lesbian and who has received plenty of “maybe you just haven’t met the right boy yet” comments, you may expect me to hate this. Nope–I loved it. 

I loved Ramona’s family and the love story was almost the least interesting part. See, Ramona’s family is poor. Like, “she has multiple jobs” poor. And as a result, even when her friends are discussing their post-high school lives, she has no thought for the future beyond more jobs and helping her sister raise her soon-to-be-born baby. And slowly, her plans start to get a little bigger. 

This book could’ve been an insensitive trainwreck. Instead, it’s absolutely amazing and one of the best books I’ve read this year. 


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