Girl Out of Water

Finished Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman. I received a copy for review. 

Anise’s plans for the summer (surf, hang out with friends, become more than friends with Eric) have just changed after her aunt breaks both her legs in a car accident. Now she and her dad are headed to Nebraska to take care of her aunt and three cousins. This would be completely awful except that she meets this guy, Lincoln…

I love this book. It’s so sweet on the one hand (light and full of surfing and skateboarding–which Anise learns to do in Nebraska, thanks to Lincoln) and also surprisingly deep and thought-provoking on another. Anise’s mom is gone (she left when she was two and has mostly been gone, except for some cameo appearances randomly throughout her life); Lincoln is adopted and only has one arm; Anise’s uncle is dead and so she and her cousins are essentially half-orphans. 

This is a story about family and friends and love–not even just relationships but also the fact that Anise really defines herself as a surfer and so she’s kind of shaken without that aspect of herself. I understand it, of course; we’d all feel lost without access to our top hobby, right?

Highly recommended. 


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