Finished Posted by John David Anderson. I received a copy for review. 

Frost and his friends aren’t the coolest group in their middle school. They’re mostly left alone, thanks to the fact that one of them is a jock. Then three things happen (in no particular order): the jock friend gets good, a new girl starts to sit with them and cell phones get banned from the school. As a result, Post-Its become a new form of bullying. 

This book is a slow burn. Most of it is character-driven (which is fine, because the characters are fantastic, especially Rose) and, while it’s interesting throughout, the last quarter or so is the best. 

It’s definitely interesting to think that kids will always find a way to be awful to each other. I like to think it’s not true, but I know better. Especially in middle school. But it’s also true that you find your people and they will save you. Those are basically the two themes of the book, and both are equally true. 



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