The Summer of Bad Ideas

Finished The Summer of Bad Ideas by Keira Stewart. I received a copy for review. 

Edith, her twin siblings and their parents are spending the summer at her grandma’s house. She died recently and her will stipulates that her children fix up the house together (it’s Edith’s family, her uncle AJ and cousin Rae). Rae is about 50 times cooler than Edith and so she decides to reinvent herself. Step one: go by Edie instead. Step two: complete a list her grandmother made on how to have a great summer. (Except the suggestions are scary—catch a snake? Cross the swamp at night? Kiss a boy?)

This book is cute. It’s perfect summer reading (though you don’t have to wait til then; it’ll bring summer to you!) and Edith is incredibly relatable. 

Bonus points for having Rae not be so perfect and cool either. 

I would like a sequel please. 


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