Planet Jupiter 

Finished Planet Jupiter by Jane Kurtz. I received a copy for review. 

Jupiter, her brother Orion and their mom lead a very unconventional life. They make their money busking and doing odd jobs and they tend to leave when the mood takes them. And then Jupiter learns that her couson Edom is going to live with them while her mom (Aunt Amy) is going through chemo. Even worse, they have to live in one place while this happens. And worst of all, Orion isn’t coming with them. 

Edom isn’t a good replacement, either. She’s adopted (from Ethiopia) and takes everything literally. She won’t talk about her past at all, and she won’t share. Any money she earns is her money. 

I enjoyed this story, which felt like something I would’ve read and loved as a child (it has a touch of The Great Gilly Hopkins) and I think middlegrade readers will enjoy a glimpse into two very different lifestyles. 

It’s sweet and surprisingly funny, too. Obviously there are sad parts, but on the whole, I don’t think anything would upset young readers. It’s clear that Aunt Amy is going to survive, for example. 



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