The Widow of Wall Street

Finished The Widow of Wall Street by Randy Susan Meyers. I received a copy for review. 

Phoebe and Jake have it all: a ton of money, healthy and happy grown kids, adorable grandkids. And then it turns out it’s all a lie—Jake’s investment acumen is really a Ponzi scheme. When it comes to light, he loses everything and Phoebe is caught in the middle. She’s just as disgusted and horrified as her children but she also can’t quite bring herself to completely forsake Jake. 

This story shows us their whole marriage, which makes it easier to understand why Phoebe would stay. (Although Jake also seems like a jerk for much of the time anyway.)

As you can imagine, this seems not unlike the Bernie Madoff story and it gives me so much sympathy for his family. It feels so plausible (which I think is one of Randy Susan Meyers’ strengths: amazing, ripped-from-the-headlines novels that are compelling but also well-written). 

Hopefully you’re already a huge fan but if not, this book will do it. Highly recommended. 


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