Finished Fireworks by Katie Cotugno. I received a copy for review. 

Dana and Olivia have been best friends since forever, basically. And for all that time, Olivia’s wanted to be a singer. She finally gets a chance to audition to become part of a Spice Girls-type girl band, and she gets in—but so does Dana, who tries out as sort of last minute goof. She’s not as talented (or as trained) as Olivia but after a super rough start, she gets better. Except what will that mean for their friendship?

I love this book! I love the girls’ friendship, which is such a teenage girl friendship. (And I love Alex-the-love-interest, who I didn’t even mention.) And I definitely love the feeling of needing to get out of your small hometown. 

One thing: this is set in the 90s, but it didn’t feel very 90s (except for the lack of cell phones and internet, I guess). I wish that had been played up more. 

Still, this is a crazy fun story. Recommended. 


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