The Perfect Stranger

Finished The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. I received a copy from the publisher. 

Leah’s roommate is missing and she’s not sure how long she’s been gone, because they are on opposite schedules. And even worse, someone who looks like Leah was attacked and seriously injured. Things couldn’t get worse—until the police start to think maybe the roommate isn’t actually real. 

This is a complicated book and hopefully readers will have the patience to go with it. I spent a goodly chunk of the book unsure about what was going on. So if you need a straightforward narrative, this is not your huckleberry. 

I loved her first mystery and this didn’t quite measure up. (It may be that the gimmick of telling the story in reverse was awesome and there was no gimmick here.) 

I did enjoy this but it wasn’t the must-read that her first one was. 


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