The Takedown

Finished The Takedown by Corrie Wang. I received a copy for review. 

Kylie’s life is mostly perfect. She’s one of the popular kids at school and she has a pretty swoon-worthy relationship with Mac. They’re just friends but it’s clear that things are about to move past platonic. And then a video of her having sex with her English teacher goes viral. 

Except it’s not Kylie. So…how to prove it?

This book is insanely fun. It’s set in the future, where technology and social media have progressed far beyond what they are now. And the way things have gone are both interesting and plausible. 

Watching Kylie try and figure out how to stop the damage and figure out who set her up and why (and how) is really interesting. I had my suspicions (no telling how accurate they are). 

If you like hacking or social media stories or things like Pretty Little Liars, you will adore this book. I certainly did. 



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