Pretty Fierce

Finished Pretty Fierce by Kieran Scott. I received a copy for review. 

Kaia isn’t like other girls. Her parents are former CIA and now basically hitmen. Or they were. A year ago, she and her mom were in a hotel room when their dad texted, telling them to run. Seconds later, her mom was shot. Now orphaned, she lives with “her grandparents,” an older couple who used to work with her parents. It’s a decent life and she has a boyfriend now. Except her old life has just caught up with her. 

This book is crazy fun. You’ll need to suspend disbelief (like hardcore suspend it) but it’s really fun. She’s basically the teen girl version of Bryan Mills and who wouldn’t want to read that? 

There are twists, a plethora of villains (including a big bad), a sweet romance and enough action to keep anyone happy. How could you not enjoy this?


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