At First Blush

Finished At First Blush by Beth Ellyn Summer. I received a copy for review. 

Lacey is a Youtube star who’s just gotten her dream internship at On Trend magazine. It’ll boost her followers and maybe even get her a Glass Cube contract. Better still, she’ll have access to so much makeup (her channel is beauty vlogs). And then she meets the celeb guest editor: Tyler Lance. He was in…I guess you’d call them a Hanson-esque boy band? But he’s now a solo act with a bad rep. And he’s (a) super cute and (b) seemingly into Lacey. 

This book is adorable. I seriously dare you to read it and not smile. 

I feel like this is also sort of everyone’s daydream, right? Who doesn’t want to fall for a rock star? And this feels fairly realistic (if also totally swoon-worthy and idealized). 

Perfect beach read. Recommended. 


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