The Women in the Castle

Finished The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. I received a copy for review. 

Set during and after World War II, this tells the story of three German widows: Marianne, Benita and Ania. Their husbands were conspirators in a plot to kill Hitler. Marianne knew of the plot and promised to do all she could to take care of the other widows and their children if the plot failed (that was how some of the men were convinced to come aboard). It’s not a spoiler, obviously, that the plot did fail. 

This is such a complicated book. It raises at least one really tricky topic: how do you forgive Nazis? Should you? And would it matter how complicit they were? Like if you knew and were uneasy, does that make you better or worse than people who were more active but did their best to keep from really knowing? (I have my own opinions, and really want to pitch this to my book club because best discussions EVER.)

This is an absolutely stellar book and I’m kind of in love with Marianne. Recommended. 


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