All the Forever Things

Finished All the Forever Things by Jolene Perry. I received a copy for review. 

Gabe (Gabby to her parents, much to her annoyance) lives in a funeral parlor. It’s the family business. Most of her classmates think she’s really weird but she doesn’t care. She has her best friend, Bree, and they’re happy. Except then Bree starts dating Bryce (who used to be really mean to Gabe, and who’s never been exactly pleasant to her). Now their friendship is really strained and Gabe has no idea how to get her friend back…or how to deal with the guy she’s kind of dating. 

This book has a lot going on, probably a little too much. I think first love AND weird family AND friendship drama is a little too much for a book that’s not even 300 pages. 

And yet, it’s interesting and even kind of beautiful. I wish we had spent more time on the ways the family business has harmed Gabe (she’s very Vada Sultenfuss–not hypochondria, so much, but she knows all the ways you can die and she’s nervous about a lot of them). 

That’s the plot I was most interested in, and it’s what we spent the least amount of time with. 


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