Dead Little Mean Girl

Finished Dead Little Mean Girl by Eva Darrows. I received a copy for review. 

From almost the instant that Quinn and Emma met, they hated each other. Their moms are dating, and that would be hard enough (it is, presumably, the first lesbian relationship for both) but it’s made worse by the fact that Quinn is a mean girl. (Like Heather Chandler mean, the kind of girl who will destroy others for fun and then forget about it because she doesn’t even care enough to remember their names or why she wanted to hurt them in the first place.) And then, as the title implies, she dies. 

I was expecting a guilty pleasure, but it ended up being much more than that. Quinn is, by any standard, a horrible person. But she’s also so young and she never got a chance to be better. This story is a tragedy, even though it’s one with a pretty stellar moral. 

It’s almost the counter to Heathers and a rebuke to the delight we feel in seeing awful people get their comeuppance. They’re kids, and they deserve a chance to grow up and improve. 


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