Dreamland Burning

Finished Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham. 

This is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma in present day (narrated by Rowan) and in 1921 (narrated by William). In 1921, there was a race riot where a large number of black men, women and children were killed. The exact number is unknown; many of the survivors lost their homes, churches and businesses. No white people were charged. 

A body is found on Rowan’s property and it is likely connected to the riot, but no one knows who it is. (Obviously; it’s been there for almost 100 years.)

This book is amazing. This is an event I knew nothing about (not surprising, really; the author note says it’s typically not even taught in Tulsa) and it’s so sad and terrifying to contemplate. 

I loved Rowan’s chapters where she’s playing detective but William’s chapters are even more interesting (and heartbreaking). His father is white and his mom is Native American so he sees his own share of racial prejudice. 

There’s so much I can’t talk about due to spoilers so just read this! Highly recommended. 


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