You’re Welcome, Universe

Finished You’re Welcome, Universe by Whitney Gardner. 

There are two things you should know about Julia and the order probably doesn’t matter. The first is that she’s Deaf. The second is that she’s big into graffiti. The second thing gets her kicked out of school after she defaces school property (to cover up a rude comment made about her best friend). Unfortunately, said best friend turned her in and she got expelled. Now she’s at a mainstream school and also somehow embroiled in a graffiti war with some unknown person. 

I know very little about either of those cultures, so this book was super interesting. It is also incredibly fun. I love learning little tidbits about other cultures, especially their specific slang. (We get more graffiti slang but still.)

This is an incredibly fun story that asks and answers the question about art vs. vandalism. Recommended. 


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