Goodbye Days

Finished Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner. 

Until recently, Carver had three best friends. Then, one day, they died. Mars, Blake and Eli were on their way to pick him up. He texted to ask where they were. Mars–who was driving–was in the process of texting him back when he drove into the back of a semi. Carver blames himself (some of the parents do, too) and there’s even talk of legal action. The only thing that helps is when he does a “goodbye day” with Blake’s grandma. They do all the stuff that she and Blake did on normal days together. 

If you read The Serpent King, you’ll believe me when I say that this book ripped my heart out. It might be even harder to read than his first novel. 

And yet, it’s also beautiful. It’s sweet and devastating and wonderful. 

Hopefully you’ve read it by now. If not, you need to. 

Highly recommended. 


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