Well, That Was Awkward

Finished Well, That Was Awkward by Rachel Vail. 

Gracie and her friends are in middle school and now everything is getting weird. She might like AJ, except he likes her best friend Sienna (who may like her back). She ghostwrites Sienna’s texts to AJ, and they get along so well (much better than in real life) and there’s also her other best friend, Emmett…it’s just confusing. 

I love this novel. It’s completely adorable and sweet, and also just really good. Gracie and Emmett are my OTP (and that’s not a spoiler because everyone who has ever seen even one romantic comedy knows where this is going). 

Also, Gracie is hilarious. If you can read this and not laugh at least five times a chapter (and cringe almost as many times), you may not be human. 

Highly recommended. 


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