Midnight Without a Moon

Finished Midnight Without a Moon by Linda Williams Jackson. 

Rose and her younger brother live with their grandparents (their mom and stepfather are raising his children, not hers, because four kids are too much for her mom to handle). It’s 1955 Mississippi and all Rose wants is to escape. She doesn’t know where and she doesn’t care, but 1955 Mississippi is no place to be unless you’re white. Her grandparents are more go along to get along, but her best friend Hallelujah is more inclined to fight for change. And seeing as how this is set during the summer of Emmett Till, change is coming no matter if they want it or not. 

First, I love Rose. I love the way she really grapples with whether or not she should stay in Mississippi. The theme of whether you have a responsibility to stay and change an unfair place or if your responsibility is to yourself and staying alive keeps recurring. 

I think there’s a lot in this book that may make people uncomfortable, but this all really happened. And it happened fairly recently. I wasn’t alive yet but my parents were, and odds are the intended audience (this is MG) would have grandparents that may remember Emmett Till. 

Highly recommended. 


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