Out of My Mind

Finished Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper. 

Melody is essentially trapped in her own mind. She has cerebral palsy and is unable to move or talk. It’s even harder because she is really smart and has a photographic memory, but everyone (except for her parents and best friend/next door neighbor) assumes she’s stupid. When she’s in fifth grade, her special education classes start to integrate with regular classes and for the first time, she can make friends. (And also deal with some awful kids.)

This is a really good book (and perfect for kids who loved Wonder by RJ Palacio). It’s hard to imagine Melody’s life, and it’s even harder to imagine what it would be like to be almost completely unable to communicate. (She ultimately gets a computer like Stephen Hawking’s that allows her to communicate and yes, I cried.)

I love this book. You would, too. Highly recommended. 


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