The Disenchantments

Finished The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour. 

Colby and his friends Alexa, Meg and his best friend/crush Bev are on tour (the girls are in an all-girl band; Colby is like the plus one). It’s the summer after high school, and after the tour, Colby and Bev are going to Europe for a year. Except Bev has decided to go to college instead. 

This book is perfect. Even without Bev’s college bombshell, it captures the feeling of impending change after you graduate. Yes, you may keep in touch with your high school friends, but it’ll never be the same. 

I love Nina LaCour’s books so much. Each one feels like this amazing gift. I want to re-read Hold Still (her first) but that may never happen. 

At any rate, this is highly recommended. 


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