The Widow’s House

Finished The Widow’s House by Carol Goodman. I received a copy for review. 

Clare and Jess have become the caretakers to a house (with a sordid and creepy history); its owner is the writing professor who taught them both. The house and grounds may or may not be haunted; the story involves a woman who died after leaving her baby with its father–she fell through the ice into freezing water; the baby froze to death before being discovered. Now Clare–who has a record of mental health problems–is seeing a woman carrying a bundle in the middle of the night and hearing a naby cry. WHAT IS HAPPENING. 

I am a huge fan of Carol Goodman’s and this book doesn’t disappoint. It’s completely unsettling and, in the best Gothic tradition, everyone is a suspect. It’s hard not to feel horrible for Clare–even while wondering how much, if any, is real and how much is her imagination. 

This book will absolutely haunt you. Highly recommended. 


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