Camp So-and-So

Finished Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoy. I received a copy for review. 

Five cabins’ worth of girls are at Camp So-and-So and each group is having a bad time (albeit to varying degrees). One is terrorized by a camp urban legend; another is randomly trapped behind a giant thicket (think Sleeping Beauty). It is not ideal. So exactly what is happening here? Who’s behind it? Can the five groups figure out what’s happening and save themselves?

This is a hard story to review. I liked one of the storylines a great deal (obviously the horror movie one) and was at least interested in the other plots. But I never really felt like anyone was actually in danger here. It all felt like an elaborate story that would reveal itself like a big April Fool’s Day joke. (Obviously I’m not saying if I was right.)

Even so, I was never bored. And the characters are all likeable so I was hoping that they’d overcome Camp So-and-So. This isn’t a bad book by any stretch of the imagination. It also feels much shorter than it is. I would read Mary McCoy again but I’m not sure I’d read any potential sequel. 


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