We are Okay

Finished We are Okay by Nina LaCour. 

Marin has pushed away everyone she knows since her grandfather died. She’s made a new life for herself at college (in New York, far away from her old life) and she has friends, but it’s different. She can be OK but only with people who don’t have a basis for comparison for her and her life. 

And then her life catches up with her. 

This book is perfect. Everything Nina LaCour writes is perfect. Her word choice is deliberate and…I’m just going to keep saying perfect. 

It’s harder than you’d think to capture complicated grief, the way you can miss someone and be furious at them at the same time. She nails it. 

I don’t want to say too much (I don’t want to spoil its pain or magic) but this book is not to be missed. You need to read it. Highly recommended. 


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