Shockaholic (mini-review)

Finished Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher. 

This is the second of Carrie Fisher’s three memoirs (I read them all out of order) and it’s probably the least good. But even “least good” is still fantastic when it’s written by Carrie Fisher. 

This has some stories not mentioned in her first memoir/show. The most interesting, I think, is her take on Michael Jackson (whom she met a few times). There is also a lengthy chapter on her relationship with her dad and a little bit about her daughter. 

The fascinating thing here is how transparent Carrie Fisher is about her own life but how she really keeps her relationships secret (by which I mean she keeps things about her daughter, brother and mom quiet). We see some things but not many. She talks about her dad but not until after he died. We get broad strokes but not details. 

If you only read one of her books, pick Wishful Drinking. But this is still fun and interesting and poignant, even if it’s not mandatory. 


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