Sister, Sister

Finished Sister, Sister by Sue Fortin. 

Clare and her mom have missed her little sister Alice ever since her dad kidnapped her and took her to America. It was supposed to be a quick visit; they never came home. They tried to find Alice, but to no avail. Now, decades later, Alice contacts them. Their dad is dead but he had changed their last name. It’s a great reunion at first…but then Clare has doubts. Alice seems a little–off, we’ll say. But Alice just accuses Clare of being jealous at sharing their mom’s attention. So who’s telling the truth?

This book is INSANE in the best way. I couldn’t stop reading and I kept trying to call the twists (I got most of them, but not all of them). 

That’s actually my one complaint: there are four major, MAJOR twists and that’s at least two too many. Even so, this book is super fun and if you need an escape, check it out. 


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