Finished #famous by Jilly Gagnon. I received a copy for review. 

Rachel isn’t very active on social media. She mostly uses Flit to send goofy pictures to her best friend, Mo…but then a pic she takes of Kyle (a guy she kind of has a crush on) goes massively viral. As in, now the whole country knows her viral. Kyle gets all the benefits (a ton of new followers and basically all the compliments) and Rachel gets ripped to shreds (both online and IRL). Still, if nothing else, at least Kyle talks to her…could something maybe happen?

This book is adorable. Rachel is the kind of heroine I love: super smart, really sarcastic and, yes, insecure. (Rachel c’est moi.) And Kyle, though completely oblivious, is a total sweetheart. I picture him as a smarter but just as sweet Joey Tribbiani. He’s not dumb but he’s just…he’s so unaware of what’s going on. Because everyone’s nice to him, he genuinely thinks they’re nice to Rachel, too (as opposed to calling her a slut and fat and advising her to kill herself). 

This book is just what I needed. It’s incredibly fun and made me smile throughout. Recommended. 


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